Fitness Coordinators

Natalie Ochoa – Fitness Coordinator 

Hi there, I’m a Fitness Coordinator for COSWB and help run yoga classes twice a week! I’m a third year English Major and Linguistics Minor. I joined COSWB because I think offering free mental and physical health classes is such an amazing and important thing! I’m so insanely grateful to be able to help everyone on campus stay mentally and physically healthy and happy, and doing that through free classes is wonderful! When you take care of yourself, mentally and physically and emotionally, you’re able to be more productive and successful. I’m so proud to be a part of something that offers so many services to every student on campus!

Fun fact about me: I took ballet classes for 15 years and danced en pointe for about 6 years!


Ershu Lu – Fitness Coordinator 

My name is Ershu Lu. I am a second year in global studies major and applied psychology minor. I joined COSWB because I really care about student well-being and I want to make my college life more meaningful. One fun fact about me is that I can speak three languages: Chinese, English, and Korean.




 Melissa Ambario – Fitness Coordinator 

Hi! My name is Melissa Ambario. I’m a double Global Studies/Feminist Studies major and Chicana from Santa Ana, Orange County. I joined COSWB because they truly care about every student’s well being and I wanted to be a part of an organization that can positively impact my peers. 

Navigating new terrains can be challenging as a first-gen, but the best advice given to me was, “Act like you belong” and its really helped guide my journey at UCSB.  

con amor y paz  🙂